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Where YOU choose the way you surf.

NEW X Timer Surf Option.

  • This is the newest and, we believe, the best way to surf. Read More Here
  • You choose how long to stay on the site.
  • Don't like the site, or seen it many times before? Click the image after the initial short timer.*
  • Like the site and really want to look closely at it? Get rewarded for longer viewing times.**
  • Use this method to promote your very best top quality sites. Choose the ones that have quality content.
  • No one offers this but us!
  • The Traffic Laundry is the FIRST to offer you X Timer Surfing!

No-Click Surf Option.

  • This is fastest way to get a ton of raw traffic to your web site.
  • Used correctly, this can greatly improve your Alexa rankings.
  • Also recommended for promoting and building down-lines in other traffic exchanges.
  • No-Click surfing automatically loads a new page every few seconds*.

Manual Click Surf Option.

  • The traditional way to surf, where you manually click to view other members sites.
  • This is considered by some to give you better quality visitors than the No-Click option.
  • You must wait for the timer to count down and then manually click an image to progress to the next site.

Sequential Page Display.

  • Display your pages in a specific order.
  • Similar to the way you see advertisements for McDonald's as you drive along the highway.
  • This improves the results of your promotions by the reinforcement of related pages and statements.

Banner Exchange.

  • Get increased exposure with your banners on other members' sites
  • Earn advertising from your existing traffic by putting a 1-line script on your site that displays banners
  • An example of our banner exchange banner is at the bottom of this page

Text Ad Exchange.

  • Get increased exposure with your text ads on other members' sites
  • Earn advertising from your existing traffic by putting a 1-line script on your site that displays text ads...
  • Keep it consistent with your site: You control the width, color, and placement of ads on your site.

Many other great ways to earn credits.

  • Get more promotion for less $: Many ways to earn traffic on our system.
  • Promote our site to get more hits to your site.
  • Instant sign up bonus for any member you refer.
  • Earn on referrals' surf-earnings.
  • Link banners to your site displays for greater impact
  • Control the 'tip text' that appears when a user 'mouses over' your banner
    • This increases the amount of message you can deliver to viewers.
  • Save your bandwidth for your customers: Upload banners to our site
  • Put your banner on our banner exchange for even greater exposure
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