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Comment by Paul Damon, owner of Magic Highway traffic exchange

The Traffic Laundry has been a daily surfer of mine ever it was launched in November 2009.

I was worried when it changed script, but it has just taken a great exchange and made it excellent. 

Before the change over we only had the option of auto surf, but since the change over
we have the option of auto, manual and X TIMER. 

All 3 of these have proven to me that not only is the auto surf great, but the manual side and
X TIMER have added so much to my surfing experience. 

The fact that I can switch between manual and auto with just the click of a button is an added plus.

I don't have to remember 2 passwords and from my members section I can use the X TIMER surfing option.

To me X TIMER is great because I can spend as little time or as much time as I want and be rewarded for spending more time looking at the websites that interest me.

In fact I like this site so much, I will soon be changing the script on MagicHighway, so my members can also benefit from the many features that this script offers.

Paul Damon.
Owner of Magic Highway
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