Style crimes and how to fix them

There is a multitude of style crimes that men commit on a daily basis, but we’re here to make sure that you gentlemen don’t fall into the easy traps by offering you solutions to these crimes against style.


Crocs are a bizarre thing. I don’t know how anyone thought “lets’ make clogs, except out of crappy foam in bright colours” and said “yeah, that’s a great idea.” Unfortunately, this happened, but everything is not lost. You can choose not to wear them, and that’s exactly the advice we give. Just don’t.

What to wear instead – If you need a practical shoe for wearing to the beach or whatever you might think about wearing crocs for, ditch them and buy a pair of espadrilles. You won’t look like a demented geography teacher.


Ties with casual wear

There is a phenomenon of people who wear short-sleeved casual shirts, jeans and scuffed old trainers. All of these things are fine in isolation and together. Just don’t try to wear a tie with them, it’s horrendous.

What to wear instead – The same outfit with no tie is a start! Alternatively, for a casual look that is smarter try a jacket instead of a tie. That way you’ll look like you haven’t just put a tie on the wrong outfit and you’ll be more in the style of David Tennent’s Dr Who.


Sock crimes

Sock crimes are committed every day and there really is no excuse for them at all. These crimes include socks with sandals, white socks with dress shoes (unless you’re Michael Jackson) and no socks, especially when dressed wearing a jacket. Other style crimes include sports socks with dress shoes and those weird little socks that make it look like you’re not wearing any.

What to wear instead – If you wear sandals never wear socks. Wear high quality black socks with black shoes and never wear no socks unless you’re wearing sandals.

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